Real Time Client Service Monitoring

We live in a modern world of smart phones and smart homes providing greater ease and efficiency with daily tasks. Modern EHR systems provide behavioral health professionals and their clients with smart care.

They include a practice management system employing business intelligence as an intuitive guide for maximizing business opportunities. Sometimes referred to as “Real-time client service monitoring,” in clear language, it means that these software systems monitor the client record to ensure that the state mandated requirements for each client file are being fulfilled. In real time, the business, by means of the EHR’s business intelligence, has eyes to see where service opportunities exist or where they are being missed. Alerts to clinicians and supervisors are issued when data or signatures are missing from files ensuring both that service opportunities are sieged and compliance errors are avoided.

Owners and supervisors want to be sure that small things are managed while they are small. Automation features of modern EHR systems operate with an intuitiveness that ensures daily workflow systems are not interrupted. All state mandates concerning client files, employee certifications, and inservice training are monitored by the system in real time. A required fire drill or a clinical certification due to expire is inserted into the workflow by the system at a time when it is easy to manage. At any moment in time the system is confirming that the facility is state compliant and the workflow is not broken by untimely emergencies requiring unplanned action.

If your EHR is not providing this type of automated technology, it is time to start shopping.

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