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User experience might be the most important EHR feature decision makers most often overlook. Functionality is often preferred over usability. Though functionality is important, studies show low usability to be the most likely cause of user error, frustration, and eventual burnout.

Experts are predicting an increase in the number of people seeking mental health and/or substance abuse treatment as Americans are released from Covid 19 shelter-in-place orders. Weeks of social isolation have been a breeding ground for fear and anxiety in response to the threat of infection, unemployment, and an impending economic crisis. The situation may nudge those who were previously on the border of a mental health or substance abuse crisis over the edge. Experts fear an increase in new cases as well as an increase in relapses.

For the many facilities not already offering a Telehealth option for their clients, Covid 19 social distancing policy created a rush to find a platform as quickly as possible. It became crucial to acquire a telehealth provider in order to keep clients engaged in their care.

The Current Dilemma

With health officials being increasingly adamant about the need to self-quarantine and avoid face to face interaction, many businesses and organizations, even essential ones, are opting for ways to conduct business remotely.

We live in a modern world of smart phones and smart homes providing greater ease and efficiency with daily tasks. Modern EHR systems provide behavioral health professionals and their clients with smart care.

Integrated Billing

Medical billing in particular can be a tedious process, with claim submission, management, and tracking, especially if you have to rely heavily on paper documents rather than an electronic health records system (EHR). Even if you have an EHR, you may still be using a separate system for billing. One system should do it all. This means that all of your patient records and billing information are easily accessible from one platform, without having to switch back and forth between systems or applications.

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